Parent Organization: Student Activities & Organizations

The mission of the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is to enhance the collegiate experience of veterans by fostering community interaction and building professional and personal connections. There are several benefits to joining the SVO such as networking with community and university leaders, knowledge about veteran specific scholarships and resources, community service opportunities, and group participation in collegiate programs and activities.The success and involvement of veterans on campus is accomplished by providing mentorships, tutoring, and participation in campus events. The SVO collaborates with Veterans Upward Bound along with several other resources located at UTA to provide support for those who may be struggling with transition into college life. There is no fee, no major specifications, and no minimum GPA to join the SVO. The only requirement of members is to attend monthly meetings and volunteer a few hours each semester to help the organization. Whether a graduate or undergraduate student, all veterans, dependants, and students are welcome to join the SVO.

Address 701 S. Nedderman Drive
Arlington, TX 76019