Picking Up Momentum

The Maverick Chess Club now offers lessons taught by a nationally ranked chess master, Dion Su, during the first half of the meeting followed by several friendly matches of chess.

Do you hear that??   It is the sound of 40 stampeding Maverick Chess Club players headed to their weekly club meeting!  

The chess club is picking up momentum by offering lessons, a fun atmosphere of learning, challenging members' minds and honing their moves during a friendly game of chess.  

Calling all beginners, amateurs and/or recovered fellow chess enthusiasts, the club is delighted to have a nationally ranked chess master, Dion Su, teaching chess techniques covering fundamental moves to advanced ones via chess "puzzles" during the first half of the meeting.  The remaining time is spent by holding a quick brainstorming session for future club activities and tournaments with plenty of time to dive into several games of chess.  This is an opportunity to apply the new moves/techniques taught during the meeting and gain experience on the board playing real players!  The boards are set up in sections for various skill levels such as beginner, intermediate, advanced/expert sections.  

The club wants to build up their players for success, not failure!  And if there is a loss, so what?!  A loss is still a gain for out of that match there is a new awareness of how to move the pieces strategically, reflect on the game and develop new strategies and the ability to think one step ahead of an opponent.  

What matters is a player's spirit and enjoyment of continually learning and challenging themselves to grow as a Maverick Chess Club player.  Although there may be friendly rivalry within the club, this club is still a TEAM!  Members encourage each other and help each other refine their skill set by offering tips or input on what they would have done differently.  This creates an intellectual social gathering that is immensely fun and motivating!

*The officers have heard your requests!!  ~Talks of mini tournaments are in the works, so stay tuned for updates!~

**As a reminder, the club meets every Friday from noon to one o'clock in the Science Hall, room 101.  

Posted by Ayumi Makita-Lee on September 22, 2016